Cloud and Managed Services

1.Cloud Services:

We specialize in Azure, AWS, and GCP, offering consulting, solution design, implementation, and support services. Our expertise includes application rearchitecting, DevOps, Kubernetes, O365 migrations, and managing various workloads efficiently. We provide robust backup and disaster recovery solutions for operational resilience.

2.Managed Services:

ALVI operates a fully operational Managed Services NOC/SOC, available 24/7/365, catering to both on-premises and cloud workloads. Our coverage includes critical servers and VMs, databases, storage, backup, disaster recovery, and communication infrastructure.

Port Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for logistics and transportation management, including gate automation, trailer tracking, and container yard management. Our offerings extend to container tracking, vehicle number plate recognition, and anti-collision solutions for RTG cranes.

Additionally, we offer driver face recognition, container defect detection, and RFID-based applications. Our services also cover vehicle classification and counting, along with seamless integration with Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).


ALVI ERP Software is tailor-made for chain outlets, ensuring comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness. It streamlines counter sales with quick billing, facilitates Bill of Materials for production, and enables seamless stock transfers between branches. The software also offers centralized vendor and accounts management, empowering you to analyse item-wise sales and set reorder levels effortlessly. Additionally, it boasts powerful SMS and email features for effective business promotions.


1.Diary Management System:

ALVI crafts a cutting-edge diary management system that revolutionizes the entire process, from smart automation to in-depth analysis. It streamlines scheduling, reminders, and task allocation, leveraging advanced automation for efficiency. The system tracks user habits, preferences, and patterns, providing insightful analytics for optimization.

2.Tyre Industry:

Embracing Digital Transformation in the Tire Industry: Leveraging the Potential of IIoT for Intelligent, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing. Our focus areas encompass various aspects of our operations:

Automated Mixing Line
Extrusion Line Machine
Calendaring Machine
Curing Press with Spraying Booth
Curing Press
Water Management
Energy Monitoring
Tracking Solutions


The Evacuation Assembly Points (EAP) Solutions are designed to achieve several key objectives.

These include the auto identification of employees from a distance, tracking the movement of employees and third-party individuals across various areas, preventing unauthorized access within premises, ensuring clear visibility of employees indoors, leveraging location and behaviour analytics for insights, and facilitating real-time tracking of employee numbers and identification of specific areas.


Digital transformation in educational institutions goes beyond reacting to current crises; it fundamentally transforms teaching and learning experiences, liberating them from the constraints of physical infrastructure.

IBM Virtual Labs Solutions enable seamless learning experiences for students, whether on-campus or remote, optimizing resources with scalable and cost-effective alternatives.

These solutions foster collaborative learning environments where students engage in projects, experiments, and simulations.

Supported by expert guidance and technical assistance, students gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, aligning their skills with industry demands.


ALVIHRMS is a robust, user-friendly application designed to streamline human resource management and related processes across the entire employee lifecycle.

By automating manual and repetitive tasks, it enhances business productivity and efficiency. With its transparent interface, ALVIHRMS empowers individuals to understand their organizational position within structured policies, fostering clarity and accountability.

Smart Solar Light Solutions

Our Customized Smart Solar Solutions harness Renewable & Green Energy for various applications, including Solar Power Generation, Surveillance, ANPR/Vehicle Detection, Lighting Solutions, Intelligent Traffic Management with data logging, and EV Charging.

Auto Services

The ALVI Auto service mobile app is intricately crafted to streamline your daily operations, boost efficiency, and enrich the overall customer experience.

Digitize your business processes with effortless automation, guaranteeing efficiency at every stage.

It also includes Automated Reports, Customer Feedback, Customer Loyalty Points, Live Service Tracking, and Employee Performance Monitoring.

Cyber Security

ALVI provides Cybersecurity Consulting, Managed Security Services, Research & Development, Training, and Cyber Risk Compliance solutions.

Additionally, we offer a range of services, including Cloud-Based Security Scanners, Cloud Security Scanners, VFX Cloud-Based Training, Mobile App Security Scanners, Encryption Tools, Capture the Flag events, and Resource Augmentation, which involves hiring, training, and deployment.


ALVI Digital Visitor Management Software offers a comprehensive platform for quick visitor sign-ins, ensuring safety, security, and privacy.

It guarantees exceptional arrival experiences while reducing reception workload for more cost-effective front desk operations.

Our objective is to automate visitor identification and categorization within premises, track their movement in various areas, prevent unauthorized access, ensure visibility of visitors indoors, analyse location and behaviours, and provide real-time tracking of visitor numbers and identification of specific areas.


ALVI CRM offers essential CRM modules such as Sales Reporting, Customer Care, Service Centre Management, Franchise Oversight, Stock Reporting, Warranty Tracking, and Grievance Management.

It also encompasses additional features including IVRS integration, Tally support, Feedback Management, Email & SMS functionalities, Bajaj FinServ integration, Happy Code integration, and Mobile Apps for Engineers and Sales Personnel.