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ALVI Digitech is growing strongly – so you also have plenty of room to grow beyond yourself every day. At ALVI Digitech nothing is set in stone. You always have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and help shape the ALVI Digitech vision.


Cultural Principles

Curiosity We promote continuous and holistic learning.

Learning motivates us.
Flexibility We are open to other points of view.

we adapt to our clients specific situations.
Passion Technology is our calling.

we focus on quality.
Integrity We act honestly and responsibly towards our colleagues and customers.

We consider the environmental impact of our actions.

We strive for sustainable development.
Innovations We seek creativity in everything we do.

Our goal is to discover multiple and new solutions to different issues.

We work to wow our customers and peers.
Team Work We believe in the power of the collective mind.

We are inclusive and diverse.

We are always available to help our colleagues.
Making mistakes is not frowned upon.

It's a valuable lesson that can lead to new discoveries.

Our Openings


React JS Developer

Location : Chennai
Experience : 3+ Years


  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Git | GitLab | Git Hub | SQL | Postgres SQL | Graphs SQL | Node JS | Express JS | Redux | Bootstrap


  • Lead the development of new features and modules using React.js and related technologies.
  • Establish and enforce coding standards, best practices, and code quality.
  • Exceptional problem-solving and debugging skills.
  • Effective communication and team collaboration skills.


Senior Dot Net Developer

Location : Chennai
Experience : 7 - 9+ Years


  • C# Programming | .NET Framework | ASP.NET | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Angular | React JS | SQL Server | NoSQL database¬†


  • Strong proficiency in C# and the .NET framework.
  • Experience with ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, and web application development.
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript frameworks (e.g., Angular, React, or Vue.js).
  • Familiarity with database systems such as SQL Server and ORM frameworks (e.g., Entity Framework).
  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.